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Peter Outerbridge appearances

Hey guys,

I just joined here, and as a big fan of Peter Outerbridge, I saw that your last post about him is from 2010. In hopes of more folks here that like him, I'm setting out to change that. :-)

Some of you may know he plays the recurring character Ari Tasarov on the CW's reboot of Nikita. The show was just renewed for season 3, so there's a good chance Ari is going to be back next season.

He's recently been on the wonderful Canadian show Bomb Girls that aired earlier this year on Global TV. He played Meg Tilly's character's husband Bob Corbett. Bomb Girls has also been renewed, season 2 will start shooting in August and will air in early 2013. I can only recommend you watch it, it's a fantastic piece of Canadian television.

Anyone seen John A: Birth of a Country? I thought that was a great TV film, even though I'm not generally a fan of period pieces. The role of George Brown earned Outerbridge a 2012 ACTRA Award nomination for Best Actor (which ultimately went to Christopher Plummer).

As for upcoming things, there's the movie Haunter that they just finished shooting (I think it's up for a 2013 release), there's the Silent Hill sequel titled Silent Hill: Revelation 3D that's coming out the week of Halloween this year that he's in (not sure what role, thought there's a rumour it's Travis Grady), there's an upcoming guest spot on season 2 of Suits (which I am personally very happy about cause I love the show), he's going to be back as criminal mastermind Magnus on The Listener in season 3 (episode airs July 18, 2012), and last but not least, Twitter told me another rumour that he's going to be in the pilot of the reboot of The Beauty and the Beast (the one bought by the CW for their fall lineup).

If anyone's interested, I can keep you guys up to date since I caved and set up a Tumblr blog about him, even though I probably should be doing better things with my time. /o\



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