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ontd_c6d's Journal

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This is your board for everything concerning our beloved Canadian actors, actresses, writers, producers and/or everyone who's related to them in any way -CANADIAN BINGO!
24, 45s, \o/, aspen extreme, battlestar galactica, benton fraser, billy tallent, blade: trinity, blindness, bliss, blood ties, breakfast with scot, bruce mcdonald, buddy french, buried on sunday, c6d, californication, callum keith rennie, canada, canadian actor bingo, canadian actors, canadian movies, canadian six degrees, canadian television, case 39, chasing rainbows, civil wars, ckr, claire's hat, cold comfort, corner gas, da vinci's city hall, da vinci's inquest, dance me outside, daniel macivor, david marciano, david sandstrom, degrassi, don mckellar, double happiness, ds6d, duck mcdonald, due south, durham county, existenz, falling angels, flashpoint, flower & garnet, frank's cock, ftwhtwd, geoffrey tennant, gunless, gus knickel, h2o, hard core logo, hard core logo 2, harper's island, hcl, hcl 2, headstones, higher ground, hugh dillon, intelligence, joe dick, johnny johansson, judging amy, kids in the hall, kingdom hospital, la femme nikita, last night, leoben conoy, little mosque, lucid, martha burns, masterminds, memento, men with brooms, men with guns, mlaad, molly parker, murder most likely, name of the knife, normal, of murder and memory, paris or somewhere, passchendaele, paul gross, peter outerbridge, pg, picture claire, pontypool, quality of life, ray kowalski, ray vecchio, rcw 139, rcw139, regenesis, regensis, rent-a-goalie, sarah polley, sarah strange, shattered, slash, slings and arrows, smallville, snow cake, supernatural, susan coyne, tales of the city, the border, the invisible, the red green show, the shield, the tracey fragments, the trojan horse, tin man, toronto film festival, torso, tracey fragments, trailer park boys, true blood, twitch city, unnatural and accidental, warehouse 13, wendy crewson, whale music, whiskey echo, whole new thing, wilby wonderful, x-files 2, young people fucking, zone of separation